About Us

The 34Questions podcast challenges its guests to answer introspective questions.
We intend to leave a memento for the future, connecting ancestor to descendant.

Guests participate in a series of games which lead to facing the Wheel of Fate.
Whichever number the wheel lands on, is the question that will be asked.

No two interviews are exactly alike, as no two people are.

Reach out, reach forward.
As always, much love.

Building a connection to the future.

My lack of a relationship with my grandparents has got me wondering what kind of people they were like. Were we anything alike? Could we have created a bond that I see some folks have with their grandparents. I aim to give people the opportunity to have that connection with their families and friends.

These thoughts extend to my ancestors as well. I think about how at some point in history, there were definitely a lot less people, so wouldn’t that mean one way or another we come from the same ancestors?

I want you to be able to look back and see where you were in life at the time of the interview. Life and time will breeze by before we know it and it only gets more true as we get older. This is a way to connect the person you are today to the person you will become.

Balancing life.

This podcast allows me to balance myself to the fullest possibility. I want my life to feel fulfilled. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized one of the things that make me feel like I have a purpose is giving something to improve another person’s life.

I don’t have much to give, I actually feel like I take more. The podcast allows me to use what I’ve taken, and build something for others. I know I’ll have times that I need to myself, but I want the time I give to others to outweigh it.

Seeking the truth.

I like to think people live by their own personal truth. A way to operate the world based on the many factors that make up their life and personality. The podcast allows us to hear a variety of perspectives. What I think reveals the truth are the patterns in answers.

If we all have similar answers to some of life’s tough questions, could that be the truth?